Richard Preston founded Project Save Lives as a way to support other men who are dedicated to recovery from a substance use disorder.

Although he has been sober since he entered his final rehabilitation treatment center program in 2006, he remembers the temptations that he faced. He began offering aftercare services to other men hoping to continue a recovery journey after completing a treatment program.

“The only thing you have to change is everything.”

Richard Preston, founder of Project Save Lives

Richard Preston’s Recovery Story

In this video, he tells his own journey — from his first drink at the age of six to hitting rock bottom and going through the criminal justice system to deciding to change his life and giving recovery his all. Listen to the story that inspired the creation of Project Save Lives.

Get the Books

Richard Preston has written two books about recovery from substance use disorder and his personal experience with it. Both Serenity Granted: Accepting Hardship as a Pathway to Peace and Absence of Serenity: The Unseen Struggles with Addiction are available for purchase.

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