Project Save Lives exists to provide pathways to a journey of healing and transformation that enable a person with a substance use disorder to live a productive and meaningful life.

Our Mission

Project Save Lives is dedicated to addressing the needs of individuals living with a substance use disorder by providing aftercare services.

Project Save Lives enters these men’s lives after they complete a difficult and rigorous long-term rehabilitation program. We are their next step in their recovery journey. When they are personally ready to move on, they may leave our sober living homes, but they will never be asked to leave before they decide they are ready.

We want to build a sober living community that accepts men directly after rehab and lets them determine what their next move is, while continuing to focus on sobriety.

Our Vision

Project Save Lives’ vision is to continue the path of healing and transformation already realized by individuals struggling with a substance use condition by offering them residential care, coupled with career services that lead to meaningful employment opportunities.

Men who chose to leave after completing their career training move forward in the world with a further transformed life, a marketable job skill, and a worldview that supports continued recovery.

Our Values

Our values as an organization are aimed at helping men continue to treat and overcome a substance use disorder and prepare for what comes next in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Provide a safe, stable place to live
  • Create a relational community that provides hope through education, support, friendship, and love
  • Instill meaningful life objectives supporting character transformation, skills acquisition, and resilience