Join in our mission to empower people through sober living and aftercare services. You can support Project Save Lives by making a financial or in-kind contribution, working with us to provide professional services or sharing your experience with recovery.

Make a Donation

Help our residents take the next step in their recovery. Donations of all sizes support the expenses of our sober living homes and career development services.

Sponsor a Man’s First Month

When we accept a new man into our sober living community from a treatment center program, it costs our organization $1,190 to get him settled in a sober living home and started on the path to a new job and internship or apprenticeship program.

Sponsor someone’s continued recovery with a donation of that same amount.

Furnish a Bedroom

With a one-time gift of $1,300, we can furnish a bedroom in one of our sober living homes. That amount covers two new bed frames, mattresses, mattress pads, sheets and towels, plus gently used nightstands, lamps, pictures and a dresser.

Furnish a bedroom to support sober living with a gift of $1,300.

Donate a Car or Home

We accept donations of drivable cars, older models included, to get our men to their worksites or career programs on time and without incident.

We are also looking to expand our network of sober living homes. If you have the means to donate a home to be used for this purpose in Northeastern Florida, please reach out to us to discuss the details.

You can reach our team to discuss a home or vehicle donation at We look forward to hearing from you!

Share Your Recovery Experience

Hearing from different parts of the recovery community, from those who’ve worked through the process themselves to family members, sponsors and psychiatrists, can have a big impact on someone during their own recovery journey.

Contribute a Professional Service

Do you provide a professional service that you think our sober living community could use? We’re always open to a little help from the experts in our supporter circle. Reach out to our team at to let us know what you’re willing to offer.